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It’s about all of us.

Let’s put our best selves forward.

It’s not THE government, it’s OUR government, and we must all take part for democracy to flourish.

Meet Bill Ostrander

I’m Bill Ostrander and I’m running to represent California’s 35th Assembly District, which includes all of San Luis Obispo County and almost 50% of Santa Barbara County.

I’ve spent a large part of my life working on non-profit, common sense issues, like campaign finance reform, community service learning, Big Brothers, food security, sustainable agriculture, and conservation.

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Bill with his sons Jack and Bruno.


Bill in the community.

It’s About All of Us

With the extraordinary energy of protest and resistance we’ve experienced here in the 35th Assembly District and across the country, now is our best chance in the past 50 years to flip this seat from red to blue.

I believe that health care is a human right and not a privilege. I believe that obscene amounts of money are corrupting our democracy. I believe that every person deserves access and opportunity to better themselves and our community through education.

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